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Toyota Avanza Multiple Purpose Vehicle

How is Toyota Giant Car Maker is doing today?

Toyota Motor Corp is an automobile manufacturer in Japan. Today Toyota is one of the top car manufacturers with large market shares in both the US and Europe. It has a small car division, selling under the Daihatsu brand as well as a 

heavy vehicle division, selling under the Hino brand. Toyota is Japan's biggest car company and one of the three largest in the world (The first being America's General Motors, and Germany's Volkswagen second), and is immensely profitable. Its massive cash reserves dwarf those of many countries. Toyota's vehicles are generally highly regarded for their quality, proficient engineering, and value, but their designs are viewed as anonymous and lacking the flair of smaller manufacturers. Toyota offers one of the largest ranges of vehicles of any manufacturer and does, amongst its more predictable high-volume models, produce a number of exciting sports cars, particularly, the Celica, MR2 and Supra.

Toyota Avanza Reviews

For those out there who plan to buy Toyota Avanza, you might want to browse this following websites on the reviews of Toyota Avanza:

An interesting fact about Toyota Avanza Engine (K3-VE)

Well, last night I did a search from Internet to look for information about Avanza engine - K3-VE and the launch date is year 2001 that's really surprises me. 

Click here to read about the Toyota Avanza engine specs.

Toyota Avanza Top Speed

Have you ever wonder the top speed of Toyota Avanza for manual and auto. A few Toyota Avanza owners managed to speed up to 170/180 KM/h for manual and 160 KM/h. The Toyota Avanza auto version is a bit under power?

Click here to read about the Toyota Avanza owner's experience.

New Toyota compact car coming soon to Malaysia 
This Toyota compact car called Toyota Vitz will be arriving at Malaysia very soon. Rumor that the car is price around RM 49,000 which give consumer alternative than Malaysia made cars like Perodua MyVi

Click here for actual full photo of the Toyota Vitz car.

Cheaper Toyota Avanza Spare parts in 2007?

SHAH ALAM, Jan 23 (Bernama) -- Toyota Auto Body Malaysia Sdn Bhd will undertake production of the entire Toyota Avanza parts and components from 2007, president of Toyota Auto Body Co Ltd (Japan) (TAB) Toshio Mizushima said Monday.

Speaking to reporters after the ground-breaking ceremony of Toyota Auto Body Malaysia's plant here today, he said by August this year the plant would start manufacturing bumpers, instrument panels and door trims for the Avanza vehicle.

By 2007, the completely knocked down (CKD) parts of the locally-assembled small MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) will be fully localised, he said.

At present, the parts and components of the Avanza are outsourced from Indonesia.

TAB is the sole owner of Toyota Auto Body Malaysia, which will be responsible for the manufacturing of components and parts for the Avanza.


Where to go during long holidays of Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year is around the corner, where you want to go ?, check out the great Malaysia hotel bargains click here.

Toyota Avanza MPV on the Road Price with Insurance

Toyota Avanza 1.3 Auto Toyota Avanza 1.3 Manual
RM 65,900.00 RM 61,300.00
RM 67,700.00 RM 63,100.00



Tips when dealing with your Toyota Avanza Salesman
Rule 1, Inspect your Toyota Avanza when deliver to you, do not sign the document of
acceptance until you are satisfy the car is in order - air condition, power window etc.

Rule 2, You have to constantly call the Salesman when your Toyota Avanza will be deliver the car, sometimes the Salesman might be playing dirty by giving the car to those who willing to offer under table money.

Rule 3, Do not get the Salesman service to install Toyota Avanza accessories, normally it will more expensive then you get it by yourself.

Rule 4, Do not engage with the Salesman to get car registration number, it is recommended that you get it by yourself as you will be the one to decide the car registration number.

Rule 5, Lastly, the survey form on your Salesman from UMW Toyota, please fill them up and send back to UMW Toyota in order for UMW Toyota to improve their services further.

Who is the Chief Engineer for the Toyota Avanza ?

His name is Mr. Kaoru Hosokawa, click here to read his profile.


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Brunei Toyota Avanza Model


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Nowadays driving on the road is quite costly but thanks to Toyota Avanza, we can save a bit. 


Do you want to know the rationale why Malaysia Petrol price cannot be cheaper even though Malaysia is oil producer country. Read further to understand ...


Malaysia is a oil producing country, why should we follow the international standard price when we can control ourselves? But, after getting more resources & information, oil prices are actually controlled by international governing body, OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries).

Their main objectives is to co-ordinate and unify petroleum policies among Member Countries, in order to secure fair and stable prices for petroleum producers; an efficient, economic and regular supply of petroleum to consuming nations; and a fair return on capital to those investing in the industry. OPEC was created at the Baghdad Conference on September 1014, 1960, by Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. The five Founding Members were later joined by eight other Members: Qatar (1961); Indonesia (1962); Socialist Peoples Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (1962); United Arab Emirates (1967); Algeria (1969); Nigeria (1971); Ecuador (19731992) and Gabon (19751994). 
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Whoa ! this Toyota Avanza car is really solid



There is one car accident case in Indonesia that involves Toyota Avanza, the driver and passenger escape been killed thanks to the GOA body structure design of Toyota Avanza.


The official website about the Toyota Avanza car accident can be surf at this website


Why Toyota Avanza car category was changed to MPV?


The Toyota Avanza is car value for money, at present the price has increase to at least RM 3,000 due to the car category been changed to MPV.


Well, the move by Malaysia government to change the car category for the Toyota Avanza is indirectly to prevent the sales of Proton GEN.2 from further plunging and give some breathing space to Proton to sell more GEN.2.


Who to blame for the lousy sales of Proton GEN.2, should the public again been force to buy local cars in order to safeguard the survival of the national car project?


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